Aced It!

underwood3Well, I couldn’t sleep tonight, so I decided to focus some energy on the final lesson of the writers’ workshop I’ve been taking online through my local community college. Finished the final lesson and submitted my 500-word creative writing piece; I’m just waiting for the instructor’s critique. I took the final exam and aced it!

I know it is just a simple online non-credit course (though I did earn a few CEU’s:) But it has sparked the flame for me to finally work towards a degree. I started my FAFSA application earlier today, and I know there has to be some scholarships or grants out there for which I’m eligible.

I decided to select three schools (one in MA, one in NH, and one in RI) and see how the numbers work out. I’m partial to the NH one because the courses look like exactly what I want (although it is the most expensive of the three), but I decided to check out the one in MA (also an online program) because I should be eligible for the lower resident tuition, and the one in RI just to see how the numbers measure up.

spiralboundThe RI school is my last preference because it would be a campus course, and while I have nothing against a campus-based course, I like the flexibility of the online programs; there’s a lot to be said for being able to work on the coursework without having to be present somewhere at a designated time/place, especially when you have a full-time day job and have to also fit dinner and sleep in there somewhere, among other things:)

I’m excited, really and truly, and very proud of myself. My next goals for this weekend (since it looks like we’ll be either rained- or snowed-in yet again) are to post my Thoughtdivers story for the first challenge and complete my FAFSA app.

2 thoughts on “Aced It!

  1. Congrats! Going back to school would be amazing. Just do it.

    I finished the final exam in BWW also, but sadly. I don’t want the class to end.

    Thanks for inviting me to Thoughtdivers, I hope we keep up our interaction and please continue coming to our Yahoo group. I’ll be commenting on Raven.

  2. I am tons proud of you. Look at as… college girls! LOL ;)
    Love you lots and so happy you are reaching for your dreams… because truly, you deserve to do all the things you want to do.

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