Blizzard of 2013

nemo1_houseYeah, I’m not wanting to call it Nemo…I don’t know why the weather folks think they have to name all these storms, and frankly, “Blizzard Nemo” just sounds lame.

I’m one of those New Englanders who LOVES snow. I hate the cold, and the older I get, the more I dislike winter (it used to be my favorite season); it just makes my bones ache; but if it’s going to be cold, I’d rather have snow than rain.

nemo1_house2For one, snow makes things pretty; it’s much nicer to look at than the dismal ugly rain-soaked winter ground and bare trees. Not to mention that if it rains, the way the temperatures fluctuate around here in the winter, that rain will freeze and turn to sheets of ice. So I’d rather see some nice, pretty snow:)

nemo1_heightsThe storm dumped about 2.5′ of snow on us. Luckily, we only lost our power for about 10 minutes on Friday night (at the height of the storm) and for about an hour and 45 minutes on Saturday. Massachusetts was under martial law from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon, with severe penalties for anyone caught out on the roads during that time (a hefty fine and a year in prison).

nemo1_hinchey2It’s nice that it happened on Friday/Saturday, since we just holed up in the house and let the wind do its work before we started clearing the driveway. Well…he cleared the driveway…I took the dogs out to pee and one of them decided to take me for a fly off the stairs, so I landed hard on the concrete at the bottom and hubby put me on home confinement while he cleared the snow.

nemo1_beefstewBut I was okay with that; I went back inside and made some beef stew (from scratch) to reward him for all his hard work:)

Today, things are back to normal. I’m back at work, the roads are clear (well, the main roads anyway). It’s in the 40’s and rainy today, which is a bummer. I’m a little achey from the stairdiving (that’s my own personal Olympic sport), but I can live with a little bit of ache:)

Kindness is like snow…
it beautifies everything it covers.

One thought on “Blizzard of 2013

  1. I wish we would get snow like that… well, only if someone did my driveway and sidewalk. Otherwise, you can keep all that snow!!!
    The pictures are beautiful <3

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