Has it really been that long?!

alzheimersI haven’t posted to this blog in over two years. It doesn’t seem like that long ago. Time flies! So many things have changed in the last two years. For one, my mother-in-law Del has become a victim of Alzheimer’s Disease; actually, I should say, our family have become victims of Alzheimer’s Disease – when you really think about it, it victimizes the loved ones around the Alzheimer’s sufferer in more severe ways, mentally and emotionally at least, than the person who actually has the disease. While she moves slowly into oblivion, we have the displeasure of watching it happen, watching her leave – unable to stop it or slow it down, unable to sometimes say goodbye to those little parts of her personality that slip away without us realizing it until they are zoe23gone. For those who know me, you know that Del is the mother I wish my mother had always been or could be, but never was and never will come close to being. To watch such a wonderful woman being slowly stolen away from us this way is devastatingly painful.

We have also, in 2016, lost two of our beloved pets. The first, Zoë, our Siamese cat was lost suddenly in late Winter. I don’t want to go into details – it was sudden, traumatic, and upsetting, and I don’t want to revisit it.

The second, Sassi, our female Boxer whom we brought home as a puppy in 2005, gone at 11 years old on July 2. While not as sudden, still traumatic and upsetting. I have still not recovered – from either of those losses. There are empty spots in my heart where those two beautiful souls resided that I don’t know could ever be filled again.

sassi and petey
Sassi (Petey behind her)

Other than those things – which believe me are enough to keep us busy, sad, upset, traumatized, and hoping for better days – life has been moving along. While we have lost two pets, we also gained another. Almost a year ago, we brought a new dog into our home – a Boxer/Lab mix who was living on the streets of Houston, Texas and was grabbed by a rescue just as he was being walked to the euthanasia room of a Houston shelter.

To think of Petey as lucky is an understatement. To say that he has adjusted smoothly to living in a quiet suburban home instead of as a stray on the streets of a busy, overcrowded city is an overstatement:) He’s bratty and spunky and street-wise. My favorite adjective applied to him was by a friend and coworker – “scrappy.” He is that…and so much more.

My husband spends a lot of his time at his mother’s. His family has decided to do everything they can to keep her in her own home. I don’t necessarily agree that it’s the best move (I think she would get better care by people trained to care for Alzheimer’s patients), but it’s not my call. My husband stays with her from about 6 pm until 2:30 am Mon-Wed, then from 6 pm to midnight on Thursdays. That leaves me CqcFlO7XEAAahaWand the two dogs (Petey and Mickey) home alone for most of the week once I get home from work. It’s lonely sometimes, but my husband does make it a point to set aside what time he does have for me. We have a date night on Friday and/or Saturday nights. The rest of the time I spend doing my own thing – lately, that’s amounted to either reading or playing WoW (or Playstation 4 lol). (I am older in body than I am in mind, believe me;)

My BFF Nichole (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BITCH!!! <3) is coming to visit me in a few weeks, and I will finally get to meet the beautiful little angel that she brought into the world last year – well, I’ve met her on Skype, but for the first time I will get to actually pinch those chubby little cheeks. Nichole has also motivated me to reawaken this blog a bit since we will be doing some blog writing challenges together. So life is getting better already!

So for now, dear reader(s), I bid thee adieu! <3

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