I hijacked a friend’s blog…

Haha, just kidding. I did a guest post over on my best friend Nichole’s blog. Check it out here! And be sure to have a look around her blog, JustSomeJane. She posts a whole lot more than I do, is involved in contests and giveaways…there’s all sorts of fun stuff going on over there!

She’s one of the most beautiful and inspiring people I know. We are so different and yet so alike, and I wonder sometimes how I got lucky enough to find her. Some people come into your life and are gone in a flash; others find their way into your heart and your soul and become a part of you. That’s what we have. The internet has made this big world seem a whole lot smaller and has brought so many people together who wouldn’t otherwise have met…I’m just glad it helped us find each other!

Side by side or miles apart, best friends are forever. <3

One thought on “I hijacked a friend’s blog…

  1. I love that you let me drag you to JSJ! I am just sad that it’s been down most of the day because of the host. :( grrr!!!
    You are definitely my soul sister and I love you to bits. You inspire me and keep me honest… what can I say? You rule <3

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