Mondays Suck!

mondaysSorry, I had to say it. Mondays truly do suck. Whoever invented the 5-day work week should have been shot. Seriously, if they ever invent time travel, I’m taking a trip back and finding that person and talking some sense into them.

I should say…not all Mondays suck. Vacation Mondays don’t suck. Holiday Mondays don’t suck. But most Mondays do.

Take today, for instance. I forgot to turn off my alarm (I use the alarm on my phone), so about 30 seconds into my shower, it started going off…and I had to listen to it going off…over and over and over and over…until the end of my shower. After the first few minutes, I spent the rest of my time in there yelling STFU! at my phone. Not a relaxing Monday morning shower, right?

I apparently slept “wrong” last night and my shoulder feels like someone stabbed me. It’s worse when I raise my hand up above my shoulder (you know, like you do when you’re in the shower and you need to wash your hair, among other things). The Advil has helped a little bit, but it’s still there, I can feel it twinge every few minutes.

traffic blogTraffic was especially horrendous today. Rhode Island drivers are the worst I’ve encountered. Living just over the line from RI and working in Providence means I get to encounter them on a daily basis. I work 19 miles from my house. When people ask me how the commute to Providence is along Interstate 195, I tell them, “I don’t commute to Providence. I commute to Seekonk, MA…then coast to Providence.” On any given workday, it can take me 20 minutes to drive to work…or an hour and a half. An hour and a half to drive 19 miles. But the RI Dept of Transportation is great! They put an LED sign up right over the state line that tells us the commute time; in other words, the sign tells me how late I can expect to be for work that day. I think it calculates the number of dolts on the road and uses some sort of archaic algebraic equation to determine how many minutes it will take to get from the state line to Route 95 (which is a distance of approximately 3 miles). This morning it changed from 9 minutes to 12 minutes while I was sitting there looking at it. Twelve minutes to drive 3 miles.

lowtirepressureMy low tire pressure warning came on about halfway to work this morning. That’s terrific. So I spent the second half of my commute/coast to work wondering if a tire was going to blow or something.

And the weather? I love snow, don’t get me wrong, but that one day last week when Mother Nature teased us with 60°. Not funny! I got up the next day and went out of the house with a hoodie on over my sweater…and it was 33°. It hasn’t warmed back up since, AND they are saying there’s snow coming tonight. I’ve had enough for one season; I’m ready for Spring now, ok? I’m sick of wearing a bulky winter coat every day, tired of driving with all the windows closed, tired of having to bundle up every damn day, sick of having to keep my dogs cooped up in the house because it’s too cold out for them to go out and play.

pmsCan you tell that I’m cranky today? That’s PMS too. Always fun when PMS and Mondays happen together. I wish I could just go home and go back to bed.

Anyway, so that’s my Monday. I woke up on time, forgot to shut off the alarm, my back/shoulder hurt, my tires are low, there were a lot of idiots on the road, I was late for work, it’s going to snow today, and I have PMS.


4 thoughts on “Mondays Suck!

  1. I know today is crappy so far but I hope it gets much better. Sending love and hugs… and I wish I could send a massage therapist for the shoulder but they are hard to package up and put in the mail. :( Plus I think there are laws about that sort.

    1. LOL thank you! I’m sure it will get better! And probably better that you can’t send a massage therapist…I’d probably bitch slap him today anyway >:)

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