Oy…Been a Few Days, Huh?

Yup, it’s been a while since my last post, and I apologize for that. Things were a little crazy here in Massachusetts last week. When I heard about the explosions in Boston, I panicked because my 19-year-old niece had posted the previous evening on her Facebook that she was going to the Marathon. It’s amazing how incredibly uncoordinated you get when you’re under stress and shaking. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make a damn phone call on my smart phone. My fingers were just fumbling, I couldn’t find my contacts, and my brain just couldn’t wrap itself around making a call. Lucikly, my sister texted me at just that moment to tell me that my niece had already left by the time the explosions went off and was safely back at school at UMass-Amherst.

I was awake Thursday night when the manhunt in Watertown began, and I ended up staying up all night long with my ears glued to the police scanner. It’s amazing how screwed up the media can get things…it seemed they were getting most of their news from Twitter and Facebook, which just blows my mind. On Friday, I monitored both media and the scanner.

Listening to the scanner was an eye-opener. Sure, you have to take everything you hear with a grain of salt, and as a friend pointed out, the cops are in the thick of it and so not even everything on the scanner can be construed as truth, and I get that; I heard plenty of it–the panicked voices when they saw a suspicious bag or an empty car or a house with a door open, responding to phone calls from residents who heard a noise in their basement or thought they saw someone in their backyard. But compared to what I was hearing from the media, I felt like I was at least getting a little more accuracy from the police scanner than I was from the news. It’s incredibly apparent how much the media aims for excitement and urgency, even seeming to create it on their own.

One thing that kept running through my mind Thursday night into Friday morning as I listened on the scanner was how horrible I felt for the people in those locked down areas who were sleeping through it and would be waking up to that mess. I couldn’t imagine what that would have felt like.

I’m glad they caught the guy. I’m reserving my public opinion until further information is obtained. I’ve seen the conspiracy theories thinking the government set them up, etc., but really I’ve dove into a few of those and found some major discrepancies in their “evidence” that makes me doubt most of the rest of what they have to say. So we’ll see what happens now.

I’m just grateful that the people I care about are safe. Wish it could be that way for everyone:(

One thought on “Oy…Been a Few Days, Huh?

  1. I am just glad that you are safe…
    That was a scary day – even all the way down here. I have a friend that lives literally a couple blocks over from where they caught them. She heard the gunshots and saw the helicopters… I can’t imagine what that is like.
    I never thought to listen to the scanners but I did in the evening – and I heard when they caught him. The best part was hearing the police congratulating each other on great work. The commissioner applauding his boys over the air. That was awesome.

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