Procrastinaaaaatiooonnnn…it’s making me wait…


Yes, I totally just sang that title in a Carly Simon voice. Well, Carly Simon-ish… Well, not even close. And I know the words are really “makin’ me late,” but “makin’ me wait” fits so much better.

About 8 years ago, my friend and I decided to collaborate on a website. He bought the domain, we started brainstorming and planning…and then we did what we usually do and procrastinated. Every couple of years, once of us would bring it up and we’d discuss it again, then it would go back on the back burner, real life would get in the way, or whatever.

Finally, we decided a few months ago that we were going to get the site up and running once and for all. And so we have. And it’s over here.

Anyway, it may not be up the alley of most of the people who visit my site…or maybe it is. Who knows:) It’s up my alley. And hopefully good things are worth the wait.

2 thoughts on “Procrastinaaaaatiooonnnn…it’s making me wait…

  1. Thanks! We’re glad it’s finally up and going! Now we just have to keep the fire lit under our asses to keep posting on it! (And all the kudos for the design go to fnordboy; he’s the artiste! I just write!)

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