So Proud!

seth_beth2My stepson came to live with us when he was 9. Over the years, we had our ups and downs; his teen years were especially trying. Then all of a sudden, about two years ago, some alien came down and abducted him and replaced him with an imposter. LOL! I’m kidding, of course. What happened was he finally found himself and started becoming the man he will one day be.

He decided he wanted to be a police officer, and so he enrolled in the criminal justice program at a local college and started interviewing (all over the country, actually!) for law enforcement jobs. He landed a job as a correction officer locally and so that’s what he’s doing now while he remains in school. He graduated from training last week (that’s a picture of him with his girlfriend–she’s a sweetheart!).

I tell him all the time how very proud of him I am. I’m proud that I had something to do with the young man he’s become. My husband tells me all the time that I am a large part of who my stepson is and that he (my husband) would not have been able to raise him without me. Now, however, we worry about him going to such a dangerous job every day…but I confident that he has a good head on his shoulders!

zoe23Zoë is getting bigger and bigger every day. I swear it seems like she’s grown every day when I get home from work! She still is kept in her own room when we are not home; Mickey still can be a little rough when he plays with her. But when we are home, she has free run of the entire house.

She’s adjusted pretty well to the dogs. They play together, she will curl up next to them and have a nap, pounce on them when they least expect it, etc. She’s not afraid of them, but she knows when to scoot away if they get too rough.

She’s talkative…and LOUD lol! Not having had a kitten in about 20 years, I forgot how much of a handful they can be. I’ll be glad when she’s grown!

Well, just thought I’d pop in for an update!

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