Sinuses Shminuses!

riverbrellaMy sinuses are feeling much better, although I think I’ve realized that I need to elevate my head at night. On the weekends, when I’m up late and hubby has to work in the morning, I sleep downstairs in the guest room (where my computer is). In that room, we have a futon with a sunken center and big, fluffy pillows, and I’ve noticed that I fall asleep much easier. Last night, sleeping in my bed upstairs with my flat pillow (which I’ve always preferred), as soon as I laid my head down, my forehead started to THROB. It’s so hard to fall asleep with that pain and pressure. So tonight, I’m stealing the big, fluffy guest room pillows and see if that helps.

I’m trying really hard to avoid having sinus surgery. I have heard and read some scary and painful things about those surgeries, and both my PCP and my former boss recommend that I try to deal with my sinus issues and avoid the surgery. The only time they really bother me this bad is in the Spring and the Fall when the seasons are transitioning, especially since in New England the weather takes a while to settle into the next season, so we have several weeks where it can be 70 degrees one hour and 35 the next, and the air pressure fluctuates so much your ears pop. Not fun!

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I’ve done a few more photo manipulations. Is it weird that one day I do a whimsical picture like the girl in the umbrella floating down the stream and the next I do an image of a post-apocalyptic woman in the gas mask and green dreads sitting in a field of dead grass? My BFF Nichole says “Not for you…” Haha!

Well, at least I’m in a creative mood! I missed it! And not only is it sparking my artistic creativity, but my writing imagination as well! I am late getting the April Challenge Prompt up for Thoughtdivers, so time for me to sign off here and head over there! If I don’t blog again soon, hope you all have a wonderful week!

PS – Ooo, and I almost forgot! My friend fnordboy and I should have Principia Esoterica up soon! We’ve only been tossing that idea around for the last eight years! We are both serious procrastinators! It’s coming soon! I promise!


Haha, the title is not what you think;) I’m not a drug addict; Hell, I’m a teetotaler and probably drink once or twice a year (if that). My addictions are not so obvious. They run in a more subtle direction.

Yup yup, there's my boy and his Impala;)
Yup yup, there’s my boy and his Impala;)

For one, I’m a fangirl–I’m a “SuperWhoLockian” (hooked on Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock), among other things. Add The Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries, and The Following in there, toss in some X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and that about sums up my fangirlihood (yeah, just made that word up on the spot).

I also have been/was/wanna be again a gamer. Years ago, it was the normal Nintendo/Atari stuff, then moved on to PlayStation (I RULED at Tomb Raider) and eventually PC games (Civilization was a favorite, Myst, etc.) and MMO’s (World of Warcraft, Rift, Star Wars, among others). I’m itching to play again ever since I saw the trailers for the new Tomb Raider gam, so there is a PS3 in our very near future…

This was my SL avatar:)
This was my SL avatar:)

I also got hooked on Second Life for several years. If you aren’t familiar with Second Life, it’s a virtual world…not so much a “game” as a social community (think AOL chatrooms on steroids). SL has its good points, but it can also be very dangerous – it is what you make of it. I won’t get into all the good vs bad stuff – I’ll leave that to others. But the one and only thing I missed on there (since I kept all my good friends from there through FB, Skype, etc.) was the “art” that I used to make. Yes, I put art in quotes because I still can’t really think of it as “art” – I should get over that because anything you make that uses your creativity is art, so yeah…ditch the quotes:) I missed the art I made there.

This was my first photomanip on DeviantArt
This was my first photomanip on DeviantArt

My friend Nichole pointed me towards DeviantArt and showed me some amazing pieces that people were creating using stock images…and the same techniques I was using to do my SL pictures…and so now I have a new addiction to keep my creative imagination going, and it’s been keeping me off my blog (shame on me). But all the images in this post were made by me.

I’m actually pretty proud of myself:) I had really really missed “making pictures.” Like reading, it sorta makes the world disappear and lets me escape inside my head for awhile. Sometimes we need that.

This girl just looked so much like a 20's actress that it inspired the picture:)
This girl just looked so much like a 20’s actress that it inspired the picture:)

You can check out the rest of my art and photography here.