That’s Absurd!

chIt is. It absolutely IS absurd! I was prompted to write this post after sending an email to a friend with whom I share most of my “weird thinking” thoughts…

I came across an article on Absurdism today.

From Wikipedia: Absurdism…is a philosophical school of thought stating that the efforts of humanity to find inherent meaning will ultimately fail (and hence are absurd) because the sheer amount of information as well as the vast realm of the unknown make certainty impossible.

I will definitely need to do some more research on this term, but on the surface it sounds like a better fit for me personally than the “agnostic with atheist tendencies or atheist with agnostic tendencies” label  tend to use for myself. Using those terms, I’ve always had a hard time having to deal with people asking <snide voice>”Well, if you’re an atheist, why would you study the Bible/religion?”</snide voice>

“OH…I don’t know…MAYBE BECAUSE I FIND IT INTERESTING?!” (Which I do…even if sometimes it’s only to try to figure out WHY people believe some of the shit that they believe).

camusAbsurdism seems to believe that the meaning of life is the search for meaning…and that there actually IS no meaning. Which makes an odd sort of sense to me. It reminds me of a saying I’ve always liked – “the journey IS the destination.”

In other words, it’s not what happens when you get to where you’re going (theists believe “Heaven” or “Hell” or whatever and atheists, absurdists, humanists, etc. mostly believe “nowhere”), it’s what you experience on the way there that really matters.

Joss Whedon (which is who I was reading about when I found the reference to absurdism) said this:

One of the few times that I really got to sort of say exactly what I think about the world was in the second season of Angel. […] [Angel] said, you know, “Well then, this is my statement. Nothing [we do] matters, so the only thing that matters is what we do.”

​I actually like that. Nothing we do matters, so the only thing that matters is what we do.​

journeyDo we: sit on our thumbs and let other people tell us what to think? – or – explore everything we can BECAUSE we can? I have to choose the latter, if only because my brain is never happy to just sit idle while there is knowledge out there to be had!

Anyway, just dropping some thoughts here:)


In a couple of days I’m taking a mini-vacation. Hopping on a train and heading to Philly to visit my BFF for a long weekend. I can’t wait!! Winter seemed so long this year, it will be nice to get out and do something, especially with a friend!

skatyI’m feeling good lately…about life, about myself. Been buying some new clothes, LOTS of new earrings, got some new projects going on. All in all, things are brighter and better than they have been in a long time.

I feel freer lately, have let go of some things that were weighing on me–not really anything tangible so much as just some emotional baggage, things that I have let bother me or hang over my head for years. Sometimes you get to a point in life where you have to take a look around you and assess things. Well, I’ve assessed things, and I realize that I am thankful for what I have. Maybe it’s not always perfect, but it’s my life and I like it just the way it is:) I’ve spent way too long doubting myself, and life’s too short for that!