Sinuses Shminuses!

riverbrellaMy sinuses are feeling much better, although I think I’ve realized that I need to elevate my head at night. On the weekends, when I’m up late and hubby has to work in the morning, I sleep downstairs in the guest room (where my computer is). In that room, we have a futon with a sunken center and big, fluffy pillows, and I’ve noticed that I fall asleep much easier. Last night, sleeping in my bed upstairs with my flat pillow (which I’ve always preferred), as soon as I laid my head down, my forehead started to THROB. It’s so hard to fall asleep with that pain and pressure. So tonight, I’m stealing the big, fluffy guest room pillows and see if that helps.

I’m trying really hard to avoid having sinus surgery. I have heard and read some scary and painful things about those surgeries, and both my PCP and my former boss recommend that I try to deal with my sinus issues and avoid the surgery. The only time they really bother me this bad is in the Spring and the Fall when the seasons are transitioning, especially since in New England the weather takes a while to settle into the next season, so we have several weeks where it can be 70 degrees one hour and 35 the next, and the air pressure fluctuates so much your ears pop. Not fun!

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I’ve done a few more photo manipulations. Is it weird that one day I do a whimsical picture like the girl in the umbrella floating down the stream and the next I do an image of a post-apocalyptic woman in the gas mask and green dreads sitting in a field of dead grass? My BFF Nichole says “Not for you…” Haha!

Well, at least I’m in a creative mood! I missed it! And not only is it sparking my artistic creativity, but my writing imagination as well! I am late getting the April Challenge Prompt up for Thoughtdivers, so time for me to sign off here and head over there! If I don’t blog again soon, hope you all have a wonderful week!

PS – Ooo, and I almost forgot! My friend fnordboy and I should have Principia Esoterica up soon! We’ve only been tossing that idea around for the last eight years! We are both serious procrastinators! It’s coming soon! I promise!

Perfect Storm

Well, first things first! I got my Cara box from Stacy on Saturday! She sent me such wonderful things, and all of them were spot-on ME! It was like Christmas! The theme for the month was that everything had to start with the same letter as the first name of the person you were sending it to, so all of my items started with S. She sent me:

  • cboxA short story journal that she made herself (it’s gorgeous, isn’t it?! The picture does not do it justice at all!). I can’t wait to start filling it up!
  • A bottle of real Vermont maple syrup (and she didn’t even know that MAPLE is my second-favorite flavor/scent after cotton candy!)
  • spun sugar soy candle (yum, smells just like cotton candy!)
  • Three pairs of sterling silver earrings (perfect!!)
  • Three soda pop doggie treats (which my pups will devour!)

I loved everything! Thank you so much, Stacy! These were perfect gifts!!!

tomjerryI intended to make this post to my blog on Saturday as soon as I opened my box, but as luck would have it, my weekend turned out to be the Perfect Storm, and I ended up spending most of my time in a drugged stupor. For starters, it was “that time of the month.” Next, the air pressure this time of the year usually sends my sinuses to Hell. And to top it all off, I got a migraine. Mix all those together, and add some Midol and my migraine meds, and it was just a weekend made to be spent half asleep and snuggled up with my pups watching TV.

Midol helped with cramps and crabbiness, but my migraine meds, which helped with the migraine pain and the nausea, just make me drowsy. I did not log into my computer once from Friday night on, though I did post to FB on my phone a few times. I think.

I’m not feeling much better today, but I am at work. I just can’t stand spending another day in bed! Ugh, I will be glad when the weather sorts itself up and decides to be Spring finally! The up-and-down air pressure just kills me!


I also got a Cravebox that I’d forgotten I’d ordered – it had a hardcover book, some moisturizer, and some deep conditioner for my hair.

AND I got a box of vaping supplies from my friend Nichole. That was like opening a Christmas gift too! All those pretty e-cigs she doesn’t use anymore, lots of e-juice and other supplies. I still have to go through everything to see what’s what, but here are the PV’s she sent me:)

So really, it was a great weekend, despite my aching head! Lots of surprises in the mail for me! Now if Mother Nature will get her crap together, we’ll be all set!