DMC 1 – Teachers Who Inspire

The original challenge appears here.

futureThe challenge was to write about a teacher who inspired me. To be honest, I almost didn’t participate in this one because there hasn’t really been a teacher who has inspired me. Most of my school years are years I’d sooner forget about than have to revisit. I spent most of my school years being bullied – by the kids, by the teachers, by my mother – so the lessons I learned about people were not really good ones.

But then I started thinking about the things I’ve learned through the years – and how I’ve come to learn them – and realized that the most inspiring teacher I’ve had was Life itself.

Life taught me at a young age that not everyone is a good person, that not everyone will like you, that sometimes the people to whom you are supposed to look up the most can be the ones who end up letting you down the most. At the same time, it’s impossible life2to learn those things without learning their counterparts – that not everyone is a bad person, that not everyone will dislike you, and that sometimes the people you barely notice can be the ones who lift you up the most.

Life taught me that we are all combinations of all of the things we’ve learned throughout our lives, that all of these little Life Lessons contribute to who we are. There are so many things that happened to me when I was younger that could have made me grow up to be an angry, mean-spirited person – and in some ways, those things have shaped me into someone who doesn’t always know how to respond to conflict, who doesn’t trust easily, who isn’t always comfortable in social situations, and who usually says, “I hate people” – but in the end, I treat people the way I’d like to be treated, I try to be a good person, I try (sometimes when it’s not warranted) to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. If someone treats me badly, that is a reflection of them, not me.

life13Life has taught me that our time here is too short to spend it always worrying about what others think of us, that we have to just be ourselves and hope that it’s enough. While the lessons Life teaches us are often the toughest lessons of all, they are very often inspiring as well.

I know this wasn’t really the point of this challenge, but it was the best I could come up with. Haha, I’m sure I’ll do better on the next one;)