In a couple of days I’m taking a mini-vacation. Hopping on a train and heading to Philly to visit my BFF for a long weekend. I can’t wait!! Winter seemed so long this year, it will be nice to get out and do something, especially with a friend!

skatyI’m feeling good lately…about life, about myself. Been buying some new clothes, LOTS of new earrings, got some new projects going on. All in all, things are brighter and better than they have been in a long time.

I feel freer lately, have let go of some things that were weighing on me–not really anything tangible so much as just some emotional baggage, things that I have let bother me or hang over my head for years. Sometimes you get to a point in life where you have to take a look around you and assess things. Well, I’ve assessed things, and I realize that I am thankful for what I have. Maybe it’s not always perfect, but it’s my life and I like it just the way it is:) I’ve spent way too long doubting myself, and life’s too short for that!

2 thoughts on “Vacation!

  1. I am so happy you are feeling free and are so positive lately. <3 I am sooooo happy that in 2 days I get to give you a GIANT hug and can squeeze the awesomeness from you!! I MISS YOU!!! Get here fast!! I can't wait anymore!!!!
    <3 <3 <3
    p.s. Bettie Lou concurs.

  2. Well sheesh, woman, you better not squeeze out ALL my awesomeness. I need to hold onto some of that shit! :P

    Only one more day!!! Whoopeee! <3

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