What Dreams May Come

dreamcatcher2I’ve been having nightmares lately. Not your usual run-of-the-mill nightmares (by those I mean dreams of things from my past that I consider to be nightmares), but real and true nightmares of horrific and disturbing people and situations.

The strange thing is that while I wake up from my “run-of-the-mill” Mommy- or bully-based nightmares, these new nightmares don’t really scare me all that much. In fact, while I’m in the dream, I have some awareness that it’s “not real” – which I suppose is lucid dreaming. I do have some sort of control over my actions as well as the path of the dream itself, and I wake up thinking Well, that was pretty cool! rather than being frightened.

foggyI had one several weeks ago that I decided to add to my creative writing list, to see if I could develop a story from it. Maybe that’s why it’s becoming more of a lucid dreaming situation than just dreams…maybe the act of deciding to use these dreams as a creative outlet, I’ve somehow managed to take control of them? Who knows.

I’m loving my new-found ambition, glad that I have been teasing out the creative side of my mind lately. It’s been slumbering for far too long. I’m having fun exploring the darker side of my mind as well. I’ve missed this!

One thought on “What Dreams May Come

  1. Greg and I studied lucid dreaming years ago. We always found it so fascinating how you can have complete control if you learn and work at it. I would love to revisit some of those ideas…..
    I’ve had some very strange mini dreams, too. We should have a dream chat date. :) <3

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