Winter Blahs

snow_road2Ok. Yes, I LOVE snow…but I’ll admit I’m ready for Spring now. I was hoping that the crappy drivers would choose to stay home today, but they didn’t. So I was late for work. I swear…it blows my mind. We live in New England. It snows in the Winter. Why does it seem like 85% of the people on the roads up here have to learn how to drive in it again EVERY…SINGLE…WINTER?! Granted, I’m a “Masshole” – WE know how to drive in the winter. But I work in Rhode Island (and trust me, RI may be the smallest state in the country, but they have the WORST drivers!). It took me over an hour to drive to work this morning, and my office is almost exactly 19 miles from my house.

luke_sassi2And then there’s this…which makes it so hard to want to leave the house in the morning. All I wanted to do was to climb back into bed and snuggle with my pups. This is Luke and Sassi…Mickey wasn’t in the bed for some reason; he was laying outside the bathroom while I was showering. Don’t they look all nice and snuggly in there?

At least it’s almost Friday – only one more day left, then the weekend – although we have to set the clocks ahead this weekend. I hate setting the clocks forward; I like setting them back in the Fall much better. Truthfully, I think we should just move them a half hour and leave them the Hell alone from now on! It takes me a few weeks to recover when we change the clocks!

click for current MLB standingsMy Yankees are in almost last place so far during Spring Training. Not sure what’s going on, but I’m not all that worried.

I say the same thing every time someone jeers at my boys so early in the season: “Talk to me in October.” [And believe me, I get jeered at plenty…it’s not easy being a Yankees fan in Massachusetts (just ask the gouge marks on the back of my car under the Yankees decal! Freakin’ Sox fans!)!]

Some new things going on this week. My friend Nichole and I signed up for a “box exchange.” I’m a newbie to all this social blogging stuff, but it seems like a fun idea. Nichole has introduced me to so many new things in the past few months, I can barely keep up – Ipsy, Beauty Army, Graze – but this one is a little different.

Cara Box Button

The person who runs the exchange matches everyone who signs up with two other bloggers (one who will send you a box and another to whom you will send a box). You spend a few weeks getting to know each other – by reading each other’s blogs, emailing, etc. – and then around the middle of the month, you put together a box of stuff you think the other person would like and you ship it off to them:) I heard from one of my matches so far and we’ve swapped e-mails -you can check out her blog here:) It seems like a fun idea so far, and I’m looking forward to hearing from the person I’m going to send a box to.

Anyway, kind of a scattered post this morning. I’ve been having some trouble sleeping lately, so my mind’s all over the place. I’m having sort of a “mini-vacation” at work since my “old” boss left and the “new” one is way more laid back and a LOT less of a traveler. He’s also a lot more tech-savvy, which makes my life a little easier:)

So…going to get my butt back to work!

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  1. Awwww I love the snuggly pups! I always wanna crawl back into bed and snuggle with my guys too. But alas, I must get paid and therefore, I must go to work!

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